Christine Dodrill, Uses This :

Most of my computing is done via a 12.9" 2018 iPad Pro. I really like the convenience of having nearly my entire digital life in one device. I have the Smart Keyboard and Pencil for it too. I also have a 12" MacBook that I use whenever I need to do things in macOS, but this is getting less and less often as the iOS ecosystem gets more and more powerful.

Greg Morris :

Then iOS13 arrived. I cant point to one specific event or one particular bug, but iOS13 has been like death by a million paper cuts. Spending 15 minutes this morning trying to put an image into an Apple note may be the straw that broke the camels back, however the past few weeks and months have been a nightmare. Apple Notes takes an age to sync to my iPad, apps randomly crash or only partly work and I just cant take it any more.

Kirk McElhearn :

iOS has always been dependent on gestures for accomplishing certain tasks, and this is even more the case with iPadOS. But these gestures are hard to discover, and even harder to remember. Do you know how to make the proper three-finger pinch to copy text on your iPad?

Ben Brooks :

I used to think this was a pitfall of the iPad — it couldn’t do what people actually needed, so people used it less. Until I realized this the point of an iPad Pro. Deciding to use iPad Pro as your main computer is to decide that you want to use a computer less.