Walt Mossberg, qui sort de sa retraite pour une pige mémorielle chez son dernier employeur, The Verge :

Both of these Cook-era hardware innovations made the top 10 in The Verge’s list of the 100 top gadgets of the decade. In fact, Apple not only took first place, but placed a total of four products in the top 10, the only company with more than one product in that tier.

Still, neither of these hardware successes has matched the impact or scale of Jobs’ greatest hits. Even the iPad, despite annual unit sales that are sharply down from its heyday, generated almost as much revenue by itself in fiscal 2019 as the entire category of “wearables, home and accessories” where the Apple Watch and AirPods are slotted by Apple.

« Bon, Apple vend plus de montres qu’elle n’a jamais vendu de baladeurs, les AirPods sont un phénomène culturel et social, Tim Cook a réorienté et relancé l’iPad, mais cette décennie n’a vraiment pas été terrible. » Le champ de distorsion de la réalité n’est pas encore complètement dissipé…