Florence Meunier :

Project to re-design and interpret the Apple iCloud EULA (End User License Agreement), perhaps one of the most overlooked and ambiguous agreement we make. By clicking “I Agree”, we accept rather odd conditions that we are not aware of because the very design of it is not intended to be read.

The aim was to design a more “user-friendly” document in a print format, that would make the user want to read the text. I decided to influence the user into reading the license. I created a second narration inside the actual EULA text, as an existing made up story about a man who agreed too quickly. The aim is to slightly guilt the user into reading, or simply amuse and therefore interest them.

Qui aurait cru que les conditions d’utilisation d’iCloud cachaient un conte sur une personne… acceptant trop vite les conditions d’utilisation d’iCloud ? Une belle réflexion sur le caractère abscons et volontairement obscur des CGU et autres EULA.