Sarah Jeong, The Verge :

In the early days, I loved Facebook. I loved being able to keep tabs on hundreds of college classmates all at once, of being able to tag all my dorm mates in the photos we took on our garbage 7 megapixel cameras, of creeping on crushes, of keeping up with every person I met at a party or in a classroom without doing very much work. I was terribly awkward and a little lazy and as a result, I never developed the skills that my parents’ generation cultivated in order to maintain their social networks.

« Je n’arrive pas à quitter Facebook ! » Parce que vous prenez vos camarades de CM2 pour vos amis. Parce que vous masquez vos vulnérabilités passagères derrière une mise en scène permanente. Parce que vous détestez le téléphone plus que vous n’aimez votre famille. Parce que les véritables robots-espions, c’est vous.