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Image Mirco.

De l’évidente beauté des montres violettes (14)

Cole Pennington, Hodinkee :

In Dani Cavallaro’s Japanese Aesthetics and Anime: The Influence of Tradition, the author notes that Kurumizome is often used in anime alongside a host of warm colors that are part of a “very specifically Japanese range of hues reaching back into the golden age of the country’s artistic history.” The other hues used in conjunction with Kurumizome include shishi-iro (meat color), araishu (rinsed-out red), tokigaracha (brewed mustard brown), odo-iro (earth yellow), kuchiba-iro (decaying leaves color), usukō (pale incense), and sharegaki (stylish persimmon). Watches like the Type-03 prove to me, time and time again, that a watch is never just a watch, it’s a chance to peer into another culture and history to learn something new.

Mirco Type-03 Kurumizome. Boitier de 42 mm et bracelet à maillons en acier inoxydable, cadran violet « teinture noyer », lunette rotative en acier coordonnée, mouvement automatique Miyota 9039. Édition limitée à 100 exemplaires, 220 000 ¥. Le violet, c’est la vie.