De l’évidente beauté des montres violettes (10)


Zach Kazan, Worn and Wound :

While their prior watches had a distinct military/tool flavor, the Tesseract is more impressionistic, and it comes down to the dial. Made in the USA, the isometric patterned dial is made using a milling process as opposed to being laser cut, which results in what Orion says is a crispness and sense of depth that can’t be achieved by taking shortcuts. Naturally, technical challenges crop up when using this type of precision machining, with the major hurdle being that the 0.50mm thick dial is cut uniformly across its entire surface without warping.

Orion Tesseract. Boitier en acier de 39 mm de diamètre, cadran galvanisé et gravé d’un motif isométrique, aiguilles et écusson rhodiés, 3 966 $ (env. 3 600 €) avec un mouvement automatique Miyota 9039 digne d’une montre dix fois moins chère. Le violet, c’est la vie.