Douglas Thomas — Never Use Futura

Princeton Architectural Press 2017 208 pages 978-1616895723

La conclusion d’un travail solidement documenté et joliment illustré, p. 177 :

Despite this book’s title, you should use Futura. When you do, you’ll find yourself alongside the pantheon of designers, corporations, and campaigns that made Futura famous. But do so under advisement. To use Futura is to reference a long history of layouts, brands, and platforms. This legendary typeface instantly transmits familiarity and depth of meaning, but it risks just as many unwanted visual associations. Used uncritically, Futura becomes little more than a fetish for the past or a lazy habit. This is one reason that publications, companies, and brands still demand new typefaces. For some, a new typeface that references Futura, yet is clearly unique from it, can reflect Futura’s history while introducing fresh and unexpected ideas into the geometric sans serif genre.